fala, New Language
Eclair & Millefeuille/046, Lausanne (Switzerland)
House within Lines and Dots/069, Porto (Portugal)
Very Narrow House/073, Vila Real (Portugal)
House around a Chimney/077, Amarante (Portugal)
Variations within a Box/085, Porto (Portugal)
House in Belem/087, Lisbon (Portugal)
House of Countless Windows/094, Lisbon (Portugal)
House of Cards/101, Tuias (Portugal)
House with Pink Chimneys/102, Porto (Portugal)
Museum in a Park/111, Kortrijk (Belgium)
Museu Carmen Thyssen, Renovation and Extension (Spain)
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
Calderón-Folch Studio + AV62 arquitectos
Fuses-Viader Arquitectes
Martínez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos + Adrià Orriols
Tuñón Arquitectos + Camps Felip Arquitecturia
Arquitectura biodigital, Building with Nature
María Mallo / Breeding Space, Biennale of Rabat (Morocco)
The Living / Hy-Fi, New York (United States)
Company New Heroes / The Growing Pavilion, Eindhoven (Germany)
Beetles 3.3 / Arg / Yad-Yassin Areddia Design / Shell Mycelium, Kerala (India)
Alberto T. Estévez / Genetic Barcelona Project, Barcelona (Spain)
ecoLogicStudio / H.O.R.T.U.S. XL, Vienna (Austria)
Kunsthaus, in Construction
David Chipperfield Architects Berlin
Juan Genovés (1930-2020)
Crowds and Individuals
Edi Hirose, Land Transformations
Territories of Peru